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 Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Can you provide 15 minutes one day a month in the comfort of your kitchen to help feed the hungry? Can you afford the cost of a loaf of bread and fixings once each month? If the answer is yes then consider joining the Holy Trinity SANDWICH GROUP.

Each morning the homeless, poor and unemployed of the area begin lining up at St. Joseph’s Social Service Center in Elizabeth seeking food for themselves and their families. The SANDWICH GROUP is committed to supporting St. Joseph’s one day per month.

When we first pledged our support around 1993, families signed up and began providing the monthly sandwich loaves. Today we average 45 loaves a month, which means that we supply St. Joseph’s with approximately 400 sandwiches each time.

FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT ARE NEW, once a month you purchase a loaf of bread plus the sandwich fixings. Types of sandwiches preferred include peanut butter and jelly, cheeses, ham, turkey, bologna, salami, etc. (without condiments please). Tuna fish and egg salad are not recommended. Wrap each sandwich individually and replace them back into the original loaf wrapper. With a magic marker, label this outer wrapper as to the contents (no names necessary).

Deliver your contribution to the Gathering Room in the Parish Center on the 2nd Sunday of each month between 7:30 AM and 1 PM and place them in the coolers.   

There is always a notice in the parish bulletin each month with the date or call the Rectory at 232-8137 to confirm the date. 

 **Drop Off Dates **




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