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Sunday Schedule:
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Saturday after the 8:30 AM Mass
Saturday Evenings from 4:30-5:00 PM
Also by Appointment

Peace and Justice Committee of Holy Trinity and St. Helen's


To help educate the parishioners of Holy Trinity and St. Helen's about the social relevance of the Gospels and the social teachings of the Church and to provide parishioners with opportunities to engage in social justice activities.

Peace & Justice - Madeleine & Walter Korfmacher Co-chairs 908-789-8477

The link to the website is:

A joint ministry with St. Helen’s committed to raising awareness of social justice issues like hunger, homelessness and poverty in light of Catholic teaching and to advocate for change in accord with the Gospel’s preferential option for the poor and the moral obligation to be faithful citizens.

Fair trade promotes the dignity of producers and their right to work by helping their parents provide for their families and send their kids to school. 
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