Weekdays 7:00 AM & 9:00 AM
Saturday 8:30 AM & 5:30 PM
Sunday Schedule:
7:30 AM, 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM & 12 Noon


Saturday after the 8:30 AM Mass
Saturday Evenings from 4:30-5:00 PM
Also by Appointment

 Our Fall classes are now in session.  

If you are a new family and would like to register your child(ren) please contact the Faith Formation Office at  or (908) 233-7455.  

For families who are new to our Faith Formation Program, please be sure to provide a copy of your child’s Baptismal Certificate with your registration form.  If you are transferring from another faith formation program please include a transfer letter from your previous parish. 

Classes are offered on Sunday mornings, 2-3 times per month, from 10:15-11:30 in the Holy Trinity School building.  Families may also enroll in the 'One on One' program and teach their child at home, submit on-line Unit Reviews, and meet during the year with the Director of Faith Formation.

Families with children in grades 1-6 who are registered in the 'One on One' or Summer program options are asked to attend three Family Events during the course of the year.  All families in the Sunday program are invited and encouraged to attend. 

Please click here for the schedule of classes and Family Events.



Holy Trinity also offers a Summer Faith Formation program.  Children in grades 1-6 may attend classes for 1 full week in July, from 8:45 - 2:45 each day.  The children cover the entire year's curriculum and have opportunity to learn about the Liturgy (Mass), Catholic Art, and can participate in a drama class.  In addtion to classes, families are asked to attend at least 3 of our scheduled Family Events during the school year.  These events are part of the summer curriculum and should be completed each year.

Summer classes for 2018 are tentatively scheduled for the weeks of July 9 and July 16.  We will accept up to 150 children in each week's session and will accept up to 30 children in each grade.

Registration is scheduled to start on Tuesday, January 30.

It is important to remember that our programs are meant to complement each family’s practice of their faith.  Please attend Mass with your family each week as well as on Holy Days of Obligation.  There is no substitution for the Mass.  As you plan your family schedules each week do not forget to include Mass as a priority.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Faith Formation if you have any questions or concerns throughout the year.  We are here to assist you.  We can be reached Monday-Thursday 8:30am-4pm at 908-233-7455.  We are located on the second floor of the Parish Center.   God bless you!




Contact Information:

The Office of Faith Formation  
(908) 233-7455 

Michelle Angelo, Director of Religious Education

Marguerite Lizzo, Administrative Assistant

The Office of Youth Ministry  
(908) 233-6151 

Patricia Martin, Coordinator of Youth Ministry


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