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Our Junior High programs are for Faith Formation Students in Grades 7 and 8.


Classes are now in session for our fall classes.  If you are a new family and would like to register your child, please contact the Faith Formation Office at or (908) 233-7455.  



Participants in the Junior High program are members of the parish CYO and are required to attend at least 12 CYO meetings (or presentations) over the course of two years, reflect on 12 liturgy experiences and perform 16 hours of service over the course of two years.  Each student must also attend one retreat.  These are offered twice each year and take place at Holy Trinity Interparochial School.

PARENT HANDBOOK: The parent’s role in Faith Formation is vital. An adolescent whose’ parents practices his/her faith convictions, is willing to share the high and low points of one’s spiritual journey, and is willing to listen to their teen’s struggles without passing judgment, will find that this time of spiritual discovery and commitment is a rewarding experience for both the parent and the teen. The handbook below is intended to assist you and your family with information to successfully navigate and take full advantage of the Junior High process.


SUMMER FAITH FORMATION--Holy Trinity also offers Summer Faith Formation classes for our JH students for their formal catechesis.  The children attend classes full time for one week (tentatively scheduled for June 25-29, 2018) from 8:30-2:30 each day.  The classes use the Chosen curriculum and participate in various activities during the week.  In addition to classes, the JH students must complete the CYO and service requirements detailed above.


References / Forms:
Parent Handbook (junior high) – click here 
Liturgy Reflection (junior high and high school) – click here
Service Form (junior high) – click here

Completed registration forms can be mailed to the Faith Formation Office, 315 First Street, or dropped in our mailbox in front of the Parish Center.


Contact Information:

The Office of Faith Formation  
(908) 233-7455 

Michelle Angelo, Director of Religious Education

Marguerite Lizzo, Administrative Assistant

The Office of Youth Ministry  
(908) 233-6151 

Patricia Martin, Coordinator of Youth Ministry


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