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Mary and Elizabeth - Carl Heinrich Bloch


 Women's Cornerstone Retreat


What is Cornerstone?
Cornerstone is a 26-hour parish-sponsored experience for women. It is a spiritual renewal process that brings women together to grow in knowledge and love of God. At the same time, we are experiencing the Christian community in a very special way within our own parish.

 Who will run the Cornerstone weekend?
Cornerstone is run by a team of women who attended Cornerstone weekend last year and is supported by women from many previ­ous Cornerstone retreats. Each woman shares her gifts in a variety of ways such as leading small group discus­sions, speaking on selected themes, praying with Scripture, planning prayer services and selecting decorations for the weekend. Team members have specific roles, and share one goal…to support you in growing personally in knowledge and love of God.

 What are the Cornerstone talks?
The Cornerstone talks are a “sharing” of personal experiences of God’s love and activity in one’s life. Each speaker shares her story of who she is and her relationship with the Lord. These stories are the “good news” of Jesus with us today.

What will the Cornerstone weekend be like?
The team has prepared a beautiful experience to pamper you in every way — spiritually, emotionally and physically. The weekend begins on Friday evening at 7:00 pm and ends on Saturday evening with dinner, a liturgy and celebration for families. Cornerstone will take place at the Holy Trinity parish center. Sleeping accommodations, all meals and snacks are provided. During the weekend, there will be time for prayer, Scripture reading, small group discussions and the sacrament of Reconciliation.

How do I register for Cornerstone?

Call Patty Kelly, 908-358-8580


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